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Rubber Fitness Flooring and Mats


Q: What mat thickness do I need?

A: The rule of thumb usually is, the heavier the equipment is, the thicker the mat needs to be. If its just elliptical and light equipment, 3/8" mats will work fine. For heavier equipment like commercial treadmills or weight stations, use 1/2" or 3/4". If there is heavy free weights, or lots of traffic, definitely use 3/4".

Q: What is the difference between beveled and non beveled mats?

A: Beveled mats have an edge that is 30 degrees truncated to avoid tripping, this edge is molded into the mat during manufacturing, so extra pieces are not needed to create the bevel. Non beveled mats have a straight edge.

Q: Can I put these mats on top of carpeting?

A: We do NOT recommend it be put on carpet because our mats are non-absorbent, moisture can get trapped underneath the mats and cause mold to form. Also the mats MAY pull apart at interlocks where equipment is placed. (this is because the weight of equipment will press down on high "nap" carpets and create an uneven surface between mats)

Q: What kind of adhesive can we use?

A: We do NOT recommend you use adhesive when installing our fitness flooring and mats, however, if you feel you need it, please call Humane and we will recommend the best adhesive to use based on your intended application.

Q: How fast can I get these?

A: Standard product (slab mats) 3-5 days from order placement, Interlock mats 5-7 days, custom orders 10-14 days.

Q: Can I purchase direct from Humane?

A: We sell thru a nation wide dealer network, which can save you substantially on freight. If no dealer exists in your area, we can make other arrangements - your needs will be addressed in the most economical method possible for you.

Q: Can I add to my current floor?

A: Humane's 4 x 4 floor system is designed to expand as you need to, just add pieces to extend your area.

Q: Are there other colors available?

A: Other colors are available as a custom order and need to be at least 600 sq feet for us to quote.

Q: Can I get the floor cut to fit?

A: Humane has an in house engineering department so as long as we have the exact dimensions, we can custom size any floor to fit.

Q: Can I install myself?

A: Humane fitness flooring is very easy to install, the pieces fit together like a puzzle. One person can install approximately 15 mats per hour when no trimming is required.

Q: When I installed my floor, the diamond pattern on the surface did not all go the same direction, why is that?

A: Our standard size Loktuff pieces diamond surface will not all face the same direction. This is due to the fact that when we cut the interlocking pieces, we utilize as much of the slab mat as possible. If you would like the diamond pattern to face the same direction on the entire floor, we recommend using all Center pieces and trim the edges. Otherwise we just need to know you would like the pattern to face the same direction on all pieces and we can custom cut the pieces to accomplish that.

Q: Will the mats "dent in" where I put my equipment?

A: Humane mats will not loose or change shape under pressure.

Q: Are the pieces exactly 4' x 4'?

A: They are 4 x 4, but you loose about an inch all the way around at the interlocking junctions, so the actual size is 46.71" by 46.71".

Q: How do I clean these mats? Reduce rubber smell?

A: The mats are easy to clean, simply use a mild solution of Dawn Dish Soap and water to mop mats down (do not soak mop). Also if they accumulate a lot of dust, a brush vacuum can be used before mopping. Humane recommends that the mats be washed down immediately after installation as this will cut down on the smell (we do use a re odorant when manufacturing the mats to cut down on the smell as well). Also good ventilation is key after initial installation on cutting down on rubber smell. see our VOC results


Q: Can they be used outside?

A: Our mats can be used outside, but because of the UV effect on ALL RUBBER PRODUCTS, the mat will harden over time. Our mats will not rot, crumble, or deteriorate in any other fashion.

Q: What do I use to cut the mats?

A: Usually a sharp utility knife will do the job. Just place a board underneath and scribe like you would carpet. For complete install instructions click here for Loktuff, or click here for Guardian SuperSport.

Q: What type of Warranty, and how many years?

A: All fitness mats are guaranteed for 3 years against manufacturing defects, see our warranty page for complete description. Please note: due to the manufacturing process, some surface variations (color distribution) may exist. This is NOT a defect, it is the nature of our product.

Q: Will the mats move under my treadmill or equipment?

A: If the mats are on a hard surface,(concrete, linoleum, wood, etc) they should not move. If the mats are placed on carpeting, some movement may occur, it depends on the type of carpeting (plush or "high nap" carpet will cause mats to sink down where equipment is placed, causing interlock to be uneven).


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